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Jul 04
How to Prepare and Perform during a Video Interview

Video job interviews are an increasingly common part of the hiring process over recent…

Jun 14
How to Create a Video Resume to Secure that Dream Job

A video resume (CV) allows you to speak directly to your potential employer about what…

Apr 21
How To Write the Perfect Personal Statement for Your CV

With many healthcare workers confirming that they are unhappy with their current jobs…

Apr 21
How to Write a CV as a Healthcare Professional

When it comes to job hunting as a healthcare professional, your CV presentation is…

Apr 17
Working and Living in New Zealand as a Nurse

New Zealand (or ‘Aotearoa’ – Maori for “Land of the long white…

Feb 20
Working in Saudi Arabia as a Healthcare Professional

Nurses, doctors and Allied Health professionals are in demand in the Middle East and…