Ten Ways to Measure if You’re a Ethical Recruitment Agecy

It is easy to say that you’re an ethical recruitment agency, but proving it is sometimes difficult. Here are 10 ways you can check to see that you’re an ethical recruitment agency:



1. Develop Ethical Policies


Ensure your internal policies and guidance follows the principles of ethical recruitment. Ensure your team is aware and sticks to policy, this will raise your credibility. Review the appendix below which provide several references that you can follow. At Endorse Jobs, we have developed a comprehensive code of practice which reflects the very best practices across international recruitment, take a look now.


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2. Promote Your Values


Develop clear values that you believe your business stands for. Ensure you market these on your website and all business literature. Ensure your team is aware and sticks to these beliefs and allow the values influence your decision making and direction of your business.



3. Build an Ethical Team


Ensure all your employees understand your policies and company’s values and how they work in practice. Include your values and standards of practice are included in staff training, have them openly displayed in the office to continuously remind staff and it will show visiting clients that your serious about your values.


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4. Build a Community Action Plan


Be aware of the community you serve and how they are being affected by international recruitment. With this knowledge, develop a community action plan. This may include restricting activity within particular territories or hospitals. Working with local government or employers to attract or train talent back to the community, supporting education programmes for the development of graduates and those nurses returning home after completing a contract overseas. The WHO have listed which countries have been negatively impacted by international recruitment and should not be targeted by recruitment agents, click here for more details. 



5. Free Service to Job Seekers


Traditionally recruitment agents earn a commission from employers to sourcing and deploying high quality talent for casual or permanent roles. Therefore, recruitment agents should not charge job seekers any fees. Ensure your transparent with employers about any costs to job seekers. Many employers are willing to pay a little more if it means a happy, higher calibre candidate. Most agency affiliations, associations and governments have signed up to the WHO Code of Practice for international recruitment of healthcare professionals which has barred fees to candidates. To find direct candidates looking for no fee agents, search here.


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6. No Hidden Fees


Ethical recruiters should not introduce any hidden administration or training fees to job seekers to boost profits. Recruitment agents who choose to provide job seekers with mandatory training for a fee is putting their business and reputation at risk. Many would regard fees for training as a hidden fee or a way to get around the No Fees to Candidates precept. If you are required to provide training to job seekers, these costs should be discussed openly with the employer and job seekers in advance of undertaking any recruitment. Many agency licensed bodies have barred agents from conducting any training to prevent any abuse or confusion.



7. Work with Ethical Employers


Only work with ethical employers who will provide safe, clean and appropriate working conditions. Be aware of job seekers feedback following their deployment and troubleshoot any concerns with the employer as they arise. It is difficult turning down an employer, however with your reputation and others lives on the line, it wouldn’t be worth the risk. Are you looking for healthcare employers? Start searching now on Endorse for free.



8. Become an Affiliated and Licensed Agent


Identify and become affiliated with local recruitment agency licensed bodies and associations who are there to support and protect agents, employers, job seeker and their customers. They offer advice and ongoing guidance to support your business reputation. To start searching for ethical agents, start your now for free.


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9. Word of Month


Recognise that every client and job seeker is unique and should be treated with respect and with compassion. This will ensure a positive word is month is circulated across the locations you source and deploy staff. Most candidates are willing to tell their friends about a bad experience and less likely about a great experience, therefore it is important to gain frequent candidate feedback, ensure the questions reflect your company’s values. Be open with yourself about any shortcomings and adjust your business processes to improve candidate and employer experience.  Review can also be a great way to let you and other people know about their experiences. Listing your agency with Endorse and gain free reviews and ratings for free, start now.


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10. Honesty is Key


Honesty is essential with everything you do, ensure transparency towards employers and job seekers, this will ensure your business credibility and reputation. If something goes wrong, ensure employers know about it straight away and offer solutions. Apologise for mistakes or delays, this will reassure employers and candidates that your working for their best interests.



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