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Founded by Diane Birtwhistle, who has over 30 years’ experience in the recruitment field. Di and ane has a good understanding of client needs in the healthcare sector, HR Provision is based in Dubai and have set out an operating model that stands out from the rest.  As a CELTA certified business that is sponsored by the British Council in Dubai, they ensure their candidates have the highest pass level rate for IELTS, OET and have equal support throughout the recruitment and deployment process. Her vision is to be recognised by clients as the agency who delivers from start to end. No blockers, no excuses, no fancy corporate jargon, just action!


HR Provisions UAE goal is to Putting People First, delivering on our promises, Understanding & Managing expectations, taking pressure away from our customers, Being proud of the service we provide. They have recently been awarded Premium Licence to deliver the OET programme, they only provider in the UAE. HR Provision UAE has a good track record in deploying nurses to the UK, including Cambridge University Hospital, Chelsea & Westminster & King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.


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  • mattability
    22/03/2019 at 2:25 pm

    I have met Diane through a recommendation, and the rest was history. I am now a band 5 UK RN, I came to UK last May 25, 2018. Diane was a major part in making my London dream a real deal. From the time I passed my CBT, through the tedious NMC registration, visa processing till I reached UK, Diane was visible all through out, would follow up the employers and make sure we submit everything on date. She would go out of her way to give us advices for the exams, would get back to us with answers if we have questions and what’s amazing is she became a dear friend too. She keeps on motivating her candidates and never gives up on pushing us to get through everything. I will forever be grateful to her for all the efforts she shed. Angel Antay

  • mattability
    22/03/2019 at 2:30 pm

    HR provision helped me a lot in full filling my UK dreams. For this I am mainly thankful to my mentor Ms. Diane, who helped me in clearing IELTS, OET and CBT. I want to specify one thing here, she is very much flexible and adaptive with the changes of NMC registration. Her sound knowledge on the NMC process helped to receive my DL faster without any queries. She has enough resources for her candidates to prepare for CBT and I cleared it in my first attempt. Communication which HR provision maintained with the candidates are truly remarkable, they were very helpful at all times, free to ask questions and will update us time to time with the necessary requirements with the process. Paul Fernandez, India

  • mattability
    22/03/2019 at 2:31 pm

    HR Provision has helped me a lot in reaching where I am now. Ms. Diane was very supported and caring while she was assisting and guiding me along my journey from getting interviewed in the UAE to being deployed in the United Kingdom. She was fantastic in mentoring me in preparation for my IELTS. I totally recommend her and HR Provision to everyone who is aspiring to get here in the UK. Carhen Jalendoni, Philippines

  • mattability
    22/03/2019 at 2:32 pm

    Over a month ago, I took the risk of filing for a local leave of 20 days and I religiously attended Diane’s IELTS classes held in Al Ain and Dubai. My goal was to get a 7 in writing and make sure I won’t get 6 in other areas for I already took IELTS previously, from which I only got 6.5 in writing. Diane pointed out major grammar issues with my writing. On top of that there were incoherence and lack of wide vocabulary. She told me to read children’s books. How will that improve my writing? ,this was my thought. So I deviated from what Diane told me and did some exercises on grammar. When she found out, she told me that what I did was a distraction. She knows that by reading children’s books I will be able to tackle the hurdles of getting that 7 in writing. I followed what Diane suggested. In two weeks I was able to read five Enid Blyton’s books. Amazingly on the last day of my class, before taking the exam, Diane gave me a writing drill and upon her perusal there was a major improvement in my writing in terms of grammar and using right tenses. During the exam, I followed Diane’s template in task 1. I also used the thesis statement that she taught us to write. I passed IELTS, and I know it was not because of luck, but because of Diane’s guidance couple with focus and perseverance on my part. I am so grateful that Diane pushed me and guided me with this journey. Thank you Diane from the bottom of my heart! You have just changed my life and helped me reach my UK dream. Honey Glace Maureal, Philippines

  • joizee_07
    07/05/2019 at 1:16 pm

    HRProvision set the motion for me to achieve my goal, to work in the UK. So here I am now, waiting, with only few days left to finally get to that goal. Meeting Ms Diane was the best part of it all. She was very patient in guiding me all throughout the process. I owe all of this to her. A big thank you to Ms Diane.
    Definitely a 10/10 rating for me. Simply the best!
    Joizee07, UAE

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