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Mar 18

Ten Ways to Measure if You’re a Ethical Recruitment Agent?

It is easy to say that you’re an ethical recruitment agent, but difficult to prove it. Here are 10 ways you can check to see that you’re an ethical recruitment agency:    1. Develop Ethical Policies Ensure your internal policies and guidance follows the principles of ethical recruitment. Ensure your team is aware and sticks to policy, […]

Jan 30

Being an Ethical Recruitment Agency Will Ensure Business Growth

The rise of ethical recruitment of healthcare professionals started in the late 1990’s during a period in which many healthcare professionals recognised the benefits of working abroad with many thousands leaving developing countries to seek a better life overseas. These opportunities changed the lives for these professionals, their families and the local communities for the […]

Oct 10

How Recruitment Agencies can Secure Business Overseas

If you are one of the many legitimate overseas agencies who have thousands of skilled healthcare professionals who see the UK as a desirable location to gain experience and migrate; here are a number of tips you could use to increase your overseas business opportunities: