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Apr 08

5 Top Self-Care Tips for Agency Nurses

As agency you are always caring for others but taking care of yourself is just as important, if not more important. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will not be able to care for those who rely on you. Being on the road as an agency nurse can make it harder to care for […]

Mar 22

Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse

What is Travel Nursing? Many hospitals within developed countries are experiencing shortages in registered nurses due to general staff turnover, staff progressions, seasonal pressures, increased demand of healthcare, and many other reasons. When this happens, they turn to temporary staffing solutions and often look for nurses who can fill lines of shift for short term […]

Jan 22

Education & Training

We recognise there are many things to learn when needs when it comes to international recruitment. We can deliver bespoke education & training programmes to support employers, agents & candidates, these include: OET & ILETS English Language Review Training CBT & OSCE English Language Preparation Programmes Clinical Simulation Training International Selection Training for Employers & Agents And more…

Jan 22

Candidate Visa Process

The visa process can be confusing and a doubting when sponsoring and supporting candidates to ensure they have the correct status to work. We have the knowledge and expertise to support you through this process. We can also manage this process entirely, ensuring candidates arrive on time and hassle free.