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    North West Armed Forces Hospital is a symbol of the Saudi Government's interest in local healthcare. The Hospital operates using international hospital standards as a guide and recruits only highly qualified candidates and then enhances their job performance by developing their skills through training and continuous support.

    The Hospital is dedicated to achieving the highest standard of healthcare for all it's patients and families. The North West Armed Forces Hospital objectives include:

    • Offers medical and preventive care that meets international healthcare standards.
    • Exchange, contract for, and otherwise promote vocational and administrative expertise of the Program in all hospital disciplines.
    • To measure the effect that all employees look forward to upgrading their skills, each in his or her filed of concern.
    • Support scientific research and training programs which serve to establish a foundation for students to attain certification.


    The staff of North West Armed Forces Hospital come from many parts of the world including the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia,  USA, India, Philippines, Malaysia and more. Employment contracts are for one or two years and often renewable.

    The Nursing Department operates on a 12 hours shift system. Nursing personnel are expected to rotate between day and night shifts. For those who qualify, overtime is paid for time worked in excess of 48 hours per week


    Hospital Services
    The hospital project contains facilities for a full range of acute, tertiary, secondary and primary patient care services for both inpatients and outpatients.


    Recreation Facilities for Employees
    The hospital offers a variety of recreational opportunities and facilities. Modern recreation centers are attached to the hospital, where the staff has access to the following indoor and outdoor facilities, these include:

    • Outdoor 25 meter swimming pool (segregated by sex)
    • Sports hall
    • Games room (table tennis, pool)
    • Weight training room
    • Video and book libraries
    • Hairdressing salon
    • TV Lounge
    • There are also tennis, badminton, volleyball and basketball facilities. Fitness classes and qualified trainers are available.


    Employees are provided free furnished accommodation. No charge is made for utilities.



    Prefab villas occupied on a sharing basis with two other Western/Non-Muslim staff (when single).

    Villas are detached with garden area. Villas consist of 2/3/4 bedrooms with kitchen, living room, bathroom and an enclosed porch area. Villas are not carpeted. All rooms are provided with individual air conditioning and heating.



    Semi-detached Town Houses, 3 or 4 bedrooms depending on family size and availability. Houses are carpeted throughout, excellent facilities, comprising lounge, dining room, kitchen and bathroom, including a spacious walled garden.

    Local regulations state that single males may not apply for this type of housing. Married doctors who do not bring their spouse are considered to be single for housing purposes (refer to single male or female medical staff housing).



    Self contained apartments are provided within walking distance from the hospital. These well furnished, carpeted apartments comprise bedroom, living room, kitchenette (with refrigerator and stove), bathroom and communal laundry facilities.



    Furnished single apartments are located within easy walking distance the hospital. Each apartment has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette (with stove and refrigerator) and a sitting room. A central air-conditioning system is provided to each apartment. Communal laundry is also provided. The accommodation is designed as an adjoining set of apartments located around a central courtyard.


    Contract and Benefits Schedule
    You will be eligible for accompanied / unaccompanied status contract and will receive the following benefits:

    • Air transport, economy class, from point-of-hire to Tabuk, KSA.
    • End of contract entitlements (Bonus) consisting of one half month salary for each year worked.
    • Ticketing, a return ticket to point-of-hire for vacation once a year.
    • Vacation, 40 days paid vacation per year (45 days for physicians).
    • Housing, including utilities, appliances, linens, etc. provided.
    • Uniforms, provided.
    • Transportation, from hospital to housing and back and shopping trips provided.
    • Medical care and emergency dental care normally provided free at the hospital.
    • Access to subsidized meals in Hospital project cafeterias.
    • Emergency Leave, available.
    • Salary paid in local currency by end of each month.
    • This income is Take Home pay since there are No income taxes


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