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With no fees to pay until staff are safely deployed, Endorse removes your risk and offers two easy ways to search the global talent market. Either search our ‘One Stop’ recruitment framework to receive the fastest, most accurate campaign proposals at the very best cost. 


Alternatively, let us take on all the legwork with our ‘Tailored Recruitment Services’ below. As your prime partner, Endorse delivers the safest and easiest end-to-end experience for you and your staff. All Endorse agents, from across 12 key recruitment territories, adhere to WHO standards and the Endorse Code of Practice. 

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Endorse Medical enables employers to search more than 12 key destinations to find the right talent

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Our range of specialised recruitment & relocation services ensure the fairest and best experience for you and your employees

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Endorse can support you every step of the way

Endorse Medical is your bridge to safely reach high quality healthcare staff and ethical agents all over the world.  Our 20 years of international healthcare recruitment experience are at your disposal to recruit talent who share your values and passion for the best patient care. We keep morale high and turnover low by recruiting the right person for the right job.


International Recruitment Consultancy

  • Business Case Development
  • Campaign planning and logistics
  • Campaign Briefings and debriefings
  • Campaign representation and management
  • Campaign administration & reporting
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Endorse Medical are renowned for thorough planning and attention to detail. We meet your expectations by listening to your exact needs and then clearly relay them into a bespoke project through specialised consultancy. Endorse can develop bespoke business cases through to project managing entire campaigns. Let us do the legwork and quickly find your 'perfect fit' recruitment partners and candidates amongst our global network.
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Event & Conference Representation

  • Be seen in the right places
  • Event planning & Logistics
  • Event Stand design & development
  • Professionally manned stand
  • Client & candidate lead development
  • Client and candidate follow-up
  • Reporting/employer outcomes
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    We understand the time, effort and expense of attending events, but they are important to attract new talent and find the right recruitment partners. Endorse Medical can represent your Hospital & Trust at meetings and events all over the world. We can identify and attract overseas candidates and either find the right talent or introduce you to our international network of Agents. We save you time and money with our low-cost event options.
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    Close Up Of A Woman Video Conferencing With Female Doctor On Laptop

    Recorded Video & CMS Solutions

    • Video job adverts
    • E-CV management system
    • Recorded video candidate screening
    • Recorded video interviews
    • Candidate management system
    • Candidate tracking system
    • E-document verification
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    Cost-effective opportunities for you to modernise by using video to market and attract the very best talent. Our system allows you to meet, screen and select the right candidates across the globe. Our recorded video interviews reduce the cost of travelling overseas to interview candidates. Save and share candidate interviews with a host of decision makers and colleagues to quickly and efficiently secure the perfect candidate.
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    Endorsepeople App

    Staff Well-being & Engagement App everyone loves

    • Supporting employees well-being
    • Tracks employees morale
    • Encourages internal staff feedback
    • Employees contribute to new ideas
    • Allows employees to track their performance
    • Allows employees to set goals
    • Talent and succession planning
    • Allows employers to identify talent
    • Gives live workforce intell
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    The well-being and engagement app all employees love. Proving six unique products on one platform, EndorsePeople is an app that is simple to use to ensures staff feel they are part of the bigger picture, are able to contribute and feel part of a community. EndorsePeople will revolutionise your organisation and make it an attractive place to work and giving employers live workforce intell.
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    Female Doctor Arm Hold Silver Pen Filling Patient Complaints

    ‘One Contract’ & Neutral Vendor Partnerships

    • Act as a neutral vendor services
    • Proposal development
    • Proposal distribution and follow-up
    • Proposal review and reporting outcomes
    • Contractual management
    • Agency performance management
    • Contract troubleshooting and resolution management
    • Agency Performance Management
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    Endorse Medical is your one stop recruitment partner, communicating and negotiating on your behalf with agencies all over the world. Simplify your HR and procurement with our “One Contract”. We offer you clear standardised contracts valid with multiple agencies across the world. Expert international partnership management designed to reduce your governance and overhead costs.
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    Best in Class Recruitment & Deployment Management

    • Interview management
    • Recruitment administration
    • Professional registration support
    • Candidate tracking
    • Candidate Visa management
    • Travel Itinerary, flights & transport
    • Candidate Airport Meet & Greet
    • Accommodation finder
    • Community Inductions
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    Endorse Medical will ensure your candidates have the safest and most enjoyable experience, arriving prepared to deliver the very best patient care at the lowest cost to you. We reduce your inhouse recruitment costs but never compromise of quality by passing on our economies of scale. Our best in class end-to-end deployment services include expert support throughout recruitment. We take care of everything to let you focus on patient care.
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    Tips & Advice

    Jul 04


    Remember the story of the 3 little pigs? In the story, a trio of pigs decide to build houses to escape their nemesis, The Big Bad Wolf. The first pig builds his house out of straw, the second out of sticks, the third pig, whom the other two ridicule for taking so long to build […]

    Mar 18

    Ten Ways to Measure if You’re a Ethical Recruitment Agent?

    It is easy to say that you’re an ethical recruitment agent, but difficult to prove it. Here are 10 ways you can check to see that you’re an ethical recruitment agency:    1. Develop Ethical Policies Ensure your internal policies and guidance follows the principles of ethical recruitment. Ensure your team is aware and sticks to policy, […]

    Jan 30

    Being an Ethical Recruitment Agency Will Ensure Business Growth

    The rise of ethical recruitment of healthcare professionals started in the late 1990’s during a period in which many healthcare professionals recognised the benefits of working abroad with many thousands leaving developing countries to seek a better life overseas. These opportunities changed the lives for these professionals, their families and the local communities for the […]

    Dec 11

    How to Find a Reliable Recruitment Agency

    The healthcare recruitment industry can be a minefield to negotiate as there are as many genuine agents who are hardworking and ethical as many as there are agents who look after their own pocket before the interests of the employers and candidates they serve.

    Endorse Medical can provide you with tailored business support and consultancy services – including client management and operational support – ensuring efficient and cost effective business growth.