The 5 Unexpected Benefits of Negative Reviews


Negative reviews got you feeling…negative?

It’s time to change that. Today we’re showing you the many benefits – yep, you heard us, benefits – of negative reviews. Find out how to turn that frown upside-down and profit from negative feedback today.

There are not one, there are not two, not even three, but five fantastic benefits of negative reviews. But before we go ahead and talk about those, it’s essential to understand that most of these benefits don’t come for free. In order to really reap the benefits and turn that negative into a positive, you’ll need to be proactive. Be proactive, and almost anything is possible.


Benefit 1: Save relationships

Here at EndorseJobs we don’t believe in the phrase ‘too late’ and it seems that most customers don’t either – 95% of unhappy candidates and clients return if their issue is resolved.

Reviews facilitate resolution and resolutions help you save customer relationships. Without reviews, it’s likely you’d never hear from disgruntled customers, would never be able to correct your mistake and thus, could end up losing staff, patients and agency workers as a result. That’s why, really, even negative reviews can be a blessing.

In order to save a damaged client or candidate relationship, it’s imperative that you learn how to handle negative reviews correctly. Responding to negative reviews isn’t as easy as simply apologising – every piece of feedback should be viewed and treated individually and given your utmost attention. Play things right, and you should have no problem saving relationships and keeping loyal staff, agency workers and even patients.


Benefit 2: Increase consumer trust

The second benefit of negative reviews is a rather surprising one – it involves candidate, staff and patients. Believe it or not, they don’t’ fall for thousands of 5* reviews. In fact, they like to see some negativity. ‘52% of buyers say they trust a product more if they have a few negative reviews’. After all, no product or service can be perfect for everyone, and clients know that. Anything suggesting otherwise could be a signal of untrustworthiness.

So next time you get a negative review, don’t try and hide it or shy away from it. Instead, remember agency workers don’t like perfection and embrace your flaws.

Negative reviews can also have a secondary impact on staff and agency workers and clients and patients. Replying to negative reviews gives you an opportunity to showcase excellent customer service skills – a sort of second chance, if you will.

When negative reviews are replied to professionally and apologetically and publicised alongside your current reviews, they can show your organisation in a really great light: you’re unafraid to admit to mistakes, proactively resolve them and care about your candidates and clients. Far from being deterred, other clients and candidates are likely to view such cases as positives.

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Benefit 3: Negative reviews help you improve

bloom and wild negative reviews. Don’t they always say the key to a good relationship is communication? If your staff, clients and agency workers don’t tell you what they’re unhappy with, how are you ever meant to know?

Feedback, whether bad or good, can tell you so much about your company’s performance by highlighting both areas of greatness and those to improve upon.

Had a negative review about customer service? Approach it with an open mind and you could learn a lot from it. It might inspire you to change your current candidate and client service channels, make some new hires or just implement some new training. All of these are likely to benefit your business in the long run and keep your clients happy and coming back for more.?


Benefit 4: Evidence

Continuing from the point raised above, negative reviews can provide real substance to ideas and changes you want to implement. If not, everyone is on-board with alterations or improvements you wish to make in the organisation feedback – both positive and negative kind – can add some real oomph to your cause and get everyone seeing along the same lines.

After all, candidates and clients are always right, right? Authentic, verified feedback is hard to argue with.


Benefit 5: Informing the customer

As previously mentioned, one size doesn’t fit all, at least, not in the real World. It’s highly unlikely that your agency’ offerings will be perfect for everyone and customers know and understand that. Often, customers rely on reviews – both good, and bad – to make informed decision.

While it is possible that feedback left about sizing or suitability may put some people off that specific item or service, it will help them choose something that’s a better match, increasing customer satisfaction in the long run. And making clients and agency workers happy is the aim of the game, right?

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While negative reviews may seem like the worst thing in the World at the time, hopefully today we’re proven that, when dealt with correctly, they can be really fruitful.

One thing to note with the benefits above is that they all of them involve dealing with negative reviews face on. Put negative feedback to work, and the rewards really can be great.

Endorsejobs makes it easy to collect reviews and feedback from clients and agency workers by sending them your agency profile URL. We will notify you once you have a review, allowing you to learn and act upon them to grow your business brand.


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