Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse

What is Travel Nursing?

Many hospitals within developed countries are experiencing shortages in registered nurses due to general staff turnover, staff progressions, seasonal pressures, increased demand of healthcare, and many other reasons. When this happens, they turn to temporary staffing solutions and often look for nurses who can fill lines of shift for short term or medium term periods until they can fill vacancies or when the busy period is over, these staff are often referred as travel nurses.

Developed and popular in the USA, these flexible workforce options are becoming popular within other locations including Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Typically, travel nurses fill staffing gaps at hospitals and healthcare facilities for periods of 8-13 weeks. Often Travel Nurse jobs are available for most nursing specialties and particularly in specialist areas for example Emergency Departments (ER), ICU, NICU, Oncology, Dialysis and Theatres. However, as the global nursing shortage worsens, there is a growing need in general ward environments and within elderly care facilities.

With a career in travel nursing, you can explore new and exciting places throughout the world. while doing what you love. In addition, travel nurses help build your resume, widen your skills set and advance your career. Check out benefits of travel nursing below.

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What are the Benefits of being a Travel Nurse?

1.Professional Flexibility-Travel nursing positions vary in length, location, and setting. This level of flexibility does wonders for your professional career. If you have career aspirations, being a travel nurse can help you achieve your goals. One of those benefits of travel nursing is the professional flexibility. Giving you an opportunity to work in a variety of clinical environments.

2. Personal Flexibility– To go along with the professional flexibility, travel nursing offers a lot of personal flexibility. One of the benefits of travel nursing is the ability to work in any location you want. You also can coordinate your schedule so that if you want to take time off to travel or see family, you can without having to bat an eye.

3. Continuous Education– Many employers and agents offer Travel Nurses the same education opportunities as their permanent members of staff, this gives you the ability to retain your nursing licence/registration whilst giving you the flexibility to progress your career in the clinical environment you choose.

4. Meet More People– The amount of flexibility allows you to meet more people. You will meet more people at work and when you explore your new city. The new people you meet can have the potential to have a large impact in your life. It could be someone that opens a door to a future career or be a lifelong friend.

5. Make More Money– As a travel nurse, you earn more money than just your salary. Many travel nursing agencies and employers offer refer a friend bonuses. You could also receive a sign-on bonus when you start your new assignment. A career in travel nursing allows you to be well compensated. Well did you know that many travel nurses with acute-care experience earn over $100,000 US per year in the when all benefits and allowances are included.

6. Learn Skills Beyond Nursing– As a travel nurse, you will learn not only professional skills but life skills. You will work with different people in different situations. These could be people and situations that are different than what you are accustom to. As a travel nurse, you will learn how to adapt, think critically and communicate effectively. These are traits that you will be able to highlight as you look for future jobs.

7. Career Advancement Opportunities– The professional and personal skills you will receive during your travel nursing experience are things that can set you apart from your peers. As stated at the start of this article, the demand for nurses has never been higher while being more competitive. If you have an ideal nursing job, what is going to separate you from others?

8. Avoid on the Job Politics– Office politics are in every industry. However, as a travel nurse, you can avoid politics because you are only at an assignment for on average 13 weeks. If you are ever in an uncomfortable situation, remember you?ll only be there for a short period of time.

9. Endless Job Security– Healthcare facilities are always in need. Whether they are looking for qualified nurses to fill a staff shortage or meet the seasonal needs, a travel nurse can always have a job. This is one of the huge benefits of travel nursing. This is something not every job can say. If your concerned work is drying up through agencies, try joining a local hospital employer offering travel nurse opportunities, ensuring you get the first pick of opportunities.

10. Find the Ideal Location to Settle Down– Have you always wanted to live by the water? How about experience the cold winter? But have you ever lived it? As a travel nurse, you can test our many cities before finding a place to settle down. Think about it as an opportunity to ?try before you buy.?

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