How to get Promoted within Healthcare

It’s bothered many when people say getting a new job is all about who you know, and they not too far from the truth? When trying to land roles within a competitive organisation without any secret connections, and not having a huge network doesn’t have to exclude you from landing a great role. But, when you don’t know anyone, you have to know how to approach your job search in a way that helps you skip the line and get ahead of the competition. Here are a few tips to help you get noticed, even when you don’t have a huge network.

1. Bypass the Competition

If your only strategy for getting noticed within a competitive organisation within healthcare is applying online, then you are not giving yourself every opportunity to get noticed. Instead of sentencing yourself to the black hole of rejection, you need to bypass the competition by reaching out to hiring managers directly. This will help you ensure that your application doesn’t get lost in the application portal and will help you get in front of other job candidates.

2. Understand what Makes You Special

It’s not enough to reach out to hiring managers directly, you also have to know exactly why you believe you’re the right person for the role you’re pursuing. Reaching out to the hiring manager without a clear pitch on why you’re the top candidate for the job can still cause your outreach to get tossed to the side.

To get good at knowing why you’re good, you need to take a step back to evaluate how your previous positions have prepared you for the next role you desire. You need to know the stories, accomplishments, results, and examples that showcase the value you can bring to the position. And, you need to be able to communicate those things as easily as you can tell someone your phone number. You may even receive responses in less than 24 hours after reaching out directly to hiring managers, without any secret connections. When you study yourself just as much as you would study the job description, you’ll increase your chances of getting a response from hiring managers, without a referral.

Many employers now offer career coaching to their staff, contact your learning and development or HR departments and take advantage of these opportunities.

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3. Create the Connections

Just because you don’t currently have connections within the directorate or team that you’re applying, doesn’t mean you can’t create them. But, rather than feeling like you have to hit the connect button on LinkedIn 15 times a day or awkwardly send people your resume when they didn’t ask for it, you can do things a different way. Focus on building authentic relationships by thoughtfully reaching out to people you would genuinely like to get to know, simply because they’re like-minded professionals you find interesting. Don’t focus on how they can help you when you’re establishing these relationships. Pay attention to how you can help them and learn from them instead.

It isn’t uncommon for hiring managers to favour people that they already know, they even have a name for it ‘Crown Prince Syndrome’, building lasting relationship within areas you want to work is therefore one of the most important ways to gain your dream job.

Many healthcare employers offer professionals mentorship. Ensure you find someone you can meet on a regular basis to guide and support your network building within the organisation. Mentors can provide share they stories of promotion, the challenges and give you information that hiring managers are often not willing to pass onto prospective job seekers.

4. Know your industry

Hiring Managers in each directorate will have different levels of expectations. Some employers will expect you to have completed curtain qualification for particular roles and whilst other will see experience just as important.  Reaching out to hiring managers to understand their occupational culture, will allow you to focus on what is needed to be achieved before submitting an applications and not receiving a positive response.


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5. Keep up the Energy, but go easy on yourself

Remember those goals you set for yourself? The best part of goal setting is the reward. Be sure that you make time to recognise your accomplishments—nurture your self-confidence by acknowledging your efforts.

Treat yourself in simple, meaningful ways: enjoy a walk in the park, read a good book, make time for friends and family, and above all, practice gratitude. Whether you’re stuck in a job you can’t stand, or just looking for something better, it’s easy to feel sad and frustrated. Gratitude for what you already have can be your foundation for future growth. As your mindset shifts to focus on what you’re grateful for, you will find it easier to relax. Research suggests that that even doing this exercise for just one week can increase happiness and decrease depressive symptoms for six months.

Getting noticed and landing a new role doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. When you’re willing to approach your job search strategically and thoughtfully, you can increase your chances of getting noticed and hired into the job you love.


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